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Vitalizing and energizing
A flexible peel-off facial for lifeless, dehydrated skins, lacking tone.
An exclusive formula designed to optimise the exceptional properties of vitamin C.


The combination of a serum rich in vitamins and a flexible, soft modelling mask enriched with vitamin C, results in a vitalizing-energizing treatment helping to replenish the skin’s energy reserves and improving its elasticity.



Algae Extracts:
Help the skin to replenish its store of essential minerals
Prepare the epidermis to take advantage of the vitamins.

Vitamin C:
Blocks free radicals, protecting the DNA and cellular protein.
Enhances the firmness of the skin via the synthesis of new collagen and stimulates micro-circulation of the blood

Vitamin F:
Promotes moisturising of the epidermis

Vitamin A:
Nourishes, softens, smoothes surface texture and
enhances suppleness

Vitamin E:
Neutralizes free radicals and helps combat the harmful effects of UV radiation
Protects against the effects of pollution, including tobacco smoke

Vitamin B5:
Provides surface protection, stimulates cell reproduction
Repairs tissue and has long-lasting moisturising properties.

Vitamin B6:
Regulates sebaceous secretions and prevents skin dehydration.



Generates energy, well-being and elasticity:
Speedy glowing effect. The complexion becomes clearer, the skin denser and the features better defined.

Improves and tones ageing skin: Reinforces skin firmness and inhibits the harmful effects of day to day environmental factors. The skin quality improves.


Apply Multi Vitamin Serum

Spread VitaminiC Mask using
a spatula

Leave mask on
for 20 to 30 minutes

Remove mask

To end treatment,
apply a moisturizer



As part of treatment series: Once a week
For maintenance: Once every three weeks
At home
Daily care: Select moisturiser according to client’s skin needs
Intensive care: Multi Vitamin Serum in the evening

directions for use

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