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An intensive revitalising and nourishing treatment for all skin types
Combine with a selected cream mask and an ampoule or a serum for a personalized skin care.
Wrinkled or devitalised skins are genuinely rejuvenated,
while dull or combination skins are deep cleansed.


Individually wrapped powder to be mixed with warm water and applied with a spatula. The water triggers a reaction with the powder causing the mask to rise in temperature.
As the mask cools it contracts causing a firming action.
It is removed in one piece.



Calcium sulphate and magnesium silicate:
 A complex of warming agents

Essential oil of lemon (100% natural):
 Antiseptic and astringent
 The citric and ascorbic acids reinforce the transparency and clearness of the complexion

Vitamin C:
 Blocks free radicals and enhances the firmness of the skin




Activates metabolic activity and generates moisture: The warmth boosts the penetration capacity of the active substances. Its occlusive effects promote the transfer of water from the deeper layers towards the surface.

Improves wrinkles and fine lines: The application of the mild and relaxing heat treatment reduces tension within the tissues. Relaxed in this way, wrinkles and fine lines are attenuated and the skin becomes smoother.



As part of treatment series: Once a week
For maintenance: Once or twice a month
At home
Daily care: Moisturiser according to the client’s skin needs
Intensive care: Serum according to the client’s skin needs


Apply serum appropriate to
skin type

Apply a cream mask,
using a brush

Lay gauze on face

Apply the thermo mask in
a thick layer

Smooth out the mask with a spatula

Remove mask after 20 minutes

directions for use

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