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Lightening treatment
A correcting treatment to prevent the appearance of skin imperfections
and to prevent the signs of ageing.


An original formula that is rich in lightening complexes and inhibits the formation of melanin, regardless of the age and type of skin. This extensive treatment also counters the harmful effects of aging .



Extract of Red Mulberry:
Has a neutralising effect on the action of the enzyme tyrosinase which triggers the production of melanin by the melanocytes.

Extract of Scutellaria Root:
Rich in flavonoids, well known for its skin lightening effect.

Extract of Saxifrage:
Contains tannins which are effective “traps” for free radicals generated by sunlight.

Extract of Arbutin:
A natural molecule that enhances depigmentation, and acts effectively without side-effects.

Grape Juice (red vine):
A powerful anti-oxidant, it visibly lightens the dark- coloured melanin and blocks the activities of tyrosinase.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids or “A.H.As”:
Boosts the natural exfoliation of the skin. Optimises and promotes the absorption of the active ingredients.

Stabilised Vitamin C:
Blocks the melanin formation process and effectively contributes to lightening the complexion.


Reduces & corrects brown spots: Recent pigment spots are visibly attenuated and lightened. Also acts on pigmentation caused by sunlight, pregnancy or aging.

Generates skin clearness and uniformity: Reveals a lighter complexion, leaving the grain of the skin smoother, clearer and more uniform. The skin regains its radiance.


As part of treatment series: Once or twice a week
For maintenance: Once every two weeks
At home
Daily care: Clarifying Cream and Sun Block
Intensive care: Skin Renewing Serum in the evening under the moisturiser


Apply Skin Renewing Serum

Lay mask on face

Smooth out mask
to remove air bubbles

Leave mask on for 25 minutes

Remove mask and gently massage any excess product

To end treatment apply Clarifying Cream


directions for use

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