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Radiance and Vitality
For all skin types, even the most delicate,
from the appearance of early wrinkles or following exposure to the sun.


A non woven tissue impregnated with a concentrate of soothing and effective active ingredients. This special formula is based on Dermolectine®, a leading plant-based cell growth stimulator which has been proven to reduce wrinkles.



 Stimulates the natural production of structural proteins
 Combats the natural ageing of the skin by acting directly on the fibroblasts responsible for the production of support fibres (elastin, collagen)

Marine Collagen:
Hydrates and retains moisture, minimizes fine lines
Energises tired looking skin

Extract of beech bud (Gatuline®):
Anti ageing agent. The oxygen consumption of the cells becomes more dynamic and their energy reserves increase

Wheat protein:
Actively tightens skin tissue and smoothes wrinkles

Sodium hyaluronate:
 An active ingredient known for its intense moisturizing ability
 With its film forming action, it slows down loss of moisture



Enhances radiance and fairness: Removes tiredness and signs of stress while enhancing the complexion. The skin tissue is regenerated gaining a new lease on life.

Improves wrinkles and fine lines
: Smoothed and levelled, the face and neck assume a new texture. Wrinkles and fine lines are softened.

Rejuvenated and relaxed, the skin radiates a healthy freshness




As part of treatment series: Once a week
For maintenance: Twice a month
At home
Daily care: Nourishing Cream or Firming Cream
Intensive care: Revitalizing or Repair Serum
in the evening under the moisturiser


Apply Repair or
Revitalizing Serum

Lay mask on face

Smooth out mask
to remove air bubbles

Leave mask on for 25 minutes

Remove mask and gently massage any surplus product

To end treatment, apply Firming or Nourishing Cream


directions for use

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