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Hydro-Vitalizing treatment
A flexible peel – off facial with essential oils. A moisturising treatment for all types of skin,
it repairs, balances and nourishes the epidermis, which takes on a fresh glowing look.


An original formula enriched with a moisturising agent,
the Phyto Mask is a fine powder to be mixed with water
and applied by spatula. The mask rubberises after a few
minutes and is easily peeled off in a single piece.



Complex of seaweed powder
 Helps the skin to recharge itself with essential minerals and to retain water

A highly efficient physiological moisturiser

Phyto complexes: A choice of 6 complexes to apply under the mask
Natural essential oils to help overcome the skin’s lack of essential elements

 PC1: Diffuse Redness/Sensitive Skin: Angelica, Cypress, Chamomile, Bitter Orange, Lavender. Soothing and decongestive. Protects and tones superficial capillary vessels
 PC 2: Oily Skin: Curcuma, Niaouli, Marjoram, Sage, Lemon, Rosewood. Non-irritant antiseptic action, normalises oily secretions, refines skin grain, purifies and clarifies complexion
 PC 3: Dry Skin: Bitter Orange, Cistus, Origanum, Jasmin, Iris, Rosemary. Moisturises and stimulates, preserves the skin's protective film
 PC 4: Sagging Skin: Rosewood, Niaouli, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Patchouli. Stimulating, toning, reinforces skin firmness, defines features
 PC 5: Wrinkled Skin: Hops, Costus, Geranium Bourbon, Angelica, Bitter Orange. Stimulating, attenuates and prevents appearance of wrinkles
 PC 6: Intoxicated Skin: Curcuma, Sweet Lime, Red Thyme, Savory, Garlic, Celery. Purifies and clarifies complexion, desensitises and soothes



Offers durable relief for dehydrated epidermis. Enhances
well-being and elasticity of the skin.



As part of treatment series: Once or twice a week
For maintenance: Once every three weeks
At home
Daily care: A moisturiser according to skin type
Intensive care: A serum according to skin type in the evening under the moisturiser


Apply appropriate
Phyto Complex

Apply and spread mask
using a spatula

Allow mask to act
for 20 minutes

Peel off mask

To end treatment apply appropriate moisturizer


Phyto Complexes