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Tensor and firming mask
The mask is soaked with gel that is full of active ingredients.
It moisturizes the skin deep down, improves skin tone and elasticity and firms the skin.


The high concentration (20%) of active ingredients in Perfect Lift makes this treatment extremely effective. It gives the skin a veritable « flash » of radiance, making it look firmer and smoother.



 Immediate smoothing

DERMOTENSEUR® contains 2 exotic firming and moisturizing extracts, Kigelia Africana pulp extract and Quillaja Saponaria bark extract.

Kigelia Africana  (sacred tree):
The peptites contained in the fruit pulp have an immediate mechanical firming effect on the skin, and also a more elaborate long term cell reactivation effect, which helps to improve skin firmness.

Quillaja Saponaria:
Powdered bark from the Quillaja Saponaria Molina Tree has emulsifying and humectant properties due to the saponins it contains. Generally rich in rutin and flavonoids, it is an excellent moisturising, film-forming and firming agent  



DERMOTENSEUR® has been tested in vivo on a panel of 49-63 years old women, presenting skin showing loss of firmness.

The application of Dermotenseur® has been proved to increase cutaneous firmness by 17.5% in 45 minutes.



As part of treatment series: Once a week
For maintenance: Twice a month
At home
Daily care: Nourishing Cream or Firming Cream
Intensive care: Revitalizing or Repair Serum
in the evening under the moisturiser


Apply Repair or
Revitalizing Serum

Lay mask on face

Smooth out mask
to remove air bubbles

Leave mask on for 25 minutes

Remove mask and gently massage any surplus product

To end treatment, apply Firming or Nourishing Cream


directions for use

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