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Softness and radiance
Designed for skin types sensitive to diffuse redness,
but also for anyone seeking comfort and a soothing effect for their skin.


A beauty treatment combining three care products
: A Collagen Veil, enriched with Ginkgo Biloba extract, known for its phlebotonic properties, Collagen Activator with mucopolysaccharides and the Sensitive Serum with soothing and softening plant extracts .



Freeze Dried Native Collagen Fibres:
 Prolonged moisturising of the epidermis
 Moistened by the Activator, the Veil promotes the transfer of active ingredients through its occlusive effect

Ginkgo Biloba:
 Boosts the resistance of the capillaries, facilitates
return circulation and strengthens vein tone

 Improves cutaneous flexibility and elasticity.
 Preserves the moisture level and activates cellular transfer

Vitamin A:
 Softens and nourishes. Smoothes surface texture

Vitamin E:
 Neutralizes free radicals
 Helps the skin to fight against outside aggressions
by enhancing its natural defences

Extracts of Horse Chestnut, Burdock and Hamamelis:
 Reduce redness and rashes brought on by exposure to the weather



Reduces diffuse redness: Provides an immediate
soothing sensation. The complexion is unified and small purplish red lacing fades, leaving the skin superbly smooth.

Moisturises and protects: Relieves skin in need of support and comfort, and alleviates tingling


Apply Sensitive Serum

Apply and moisten mask
with Activator

Leave mask on for 30 minutes

Remove mask

To end treatment,
apply Hydro Sensitive Cream

directions for use


As part of treatment series: Once or twice a week
For maintenance: Once or twice a month
At home
Daily care: Hydro Sensitive Cream
Intensive care: Sensitive Serum in the evening
under the moisturiser

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