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Purifying and stabilizing
For oily and combination skin types, even the most sensitive


A treatment that is both intensive and mild. Carefully designed to restore the balance of the skin which can often be oily, sensitive and dehydrated at the same time.



Freeze Dried Native Collagen Fibres:
 Hydrates with so much moisture that a hydrophilic net is retained for a prolonged period of time, giving a plump, firm result and minimizing fine lines.
 Moistened by the Activator, the Veil promotes the transfer of active ingredients through its occlusive effect.

AHA - Alpha Hydroxy Acids:
 Activate natural exfoliation. The development of new skin is encouraged and fewer lines and wrinkles will be apparent.
 Clarify the skin and help to reduce scarring.



The skin becomes more elastic, supple to the touch and wrinkles are attenuated. The skin becomes smoother and shimmers with radiance and luminosity.



As part of treatment series: Once or twice a week
For maintenance: Once every 3 weeks
At home
Daily care: Normalizing Cream or Bio Active Cream
Intensive care: Normalizing Serum under the moisturiser



Apply a generous layer
of Bio Cream

Cover face with aluminum foil and apply steam

Proceed with extractions

Massage an iris ampoule until complete penetration

Apply Bio Mask with a brush

Leave mask on for 15 minutes then remove with water followed by Skin Balancing Toner

directions for use

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