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Essential Skin Care
 Normal / dehydrated skin • Collagen Veil Hydro-Active - Intensive moisturising
   Sensitive skin • Phyto Mask with Phyto Complex PC1**
• Collagen Veil with Ginkgo Biloba - Soothing and decongestive
   Oily Skin • Bio Mask - Purifying and calming
Intensive Anti-ageing
   Wrinkled skin • Skin Perfect - Restores radiance and smoothes away wrinkles
• Perfect Lift - Tensor and firming mask
• Aloe Vera Collagen Veil - Regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin  NEW 
• AHA and Green Tea Collagen Veil – Stimulates cellular renewal and rejuvenation of the skin  NEW 
• Phyto Mask with Phyto Complex PC5**
   Loss of firmness • Collagen Veil Lifting - Hydro-active and firming
   Mature skin • Caviar Collagen Veil - Deeply moisturizes and slows down the ageing process
• Collagen Veil with Marine DNA -
  Hydrates and promotes the regeneration of tissue

• Skin Perfect - Restores radiance and smoothes away wrinkles
• Thermo Mask Lemon - Revitalising and nourishing
Brightness and Vitality
   Dull and tired skin • VitaminiC Mask - Generates energy and well-being
• Thermo Mask Lemon - Leaves skin luminous and rested
   Imperfect skin / pigment spots • Swiss White Mask - Lightens the complexion and attenuates pigment spots


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