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 Hydro Vitale Cream
Jar (250 ml)
See productA light cream which is rapidly absorbed by the skin, protecting it throughout the day. Hydro Vitale Cream prevents dehydration and reduces harm by the sun. Its texture makes it an excellent base for make up.

• Cell'Energin®, Mucopolysaccharides, Mimosa bark extract, Phytosomes, A and E vitamins
 Firming Crea
Jar (250 ml)
See productFirming Cream is an energising treatment rich in restructuring ( Dermolectine® ) and toning elements (vitamins). Applied morning and evening, it restores the skin's elasticity and tone, making it smoother and firmer. Recommended for facial skin care at the first signs of ageing the Firming Cream is also powerful enough to care for the neck and cleavage.

• Cell'Energin®, Macadamia seed oil, Chamomile, Sodium hyaluronate, A, E and C vitamins
Jar (250 ml)
See productModern action for combination skins with excess oil. Swissdermyl's Balancing cream has six key actions - balance and control of sebum; pore tightening; hydration and moisture protection; soothing and calming; anti oxidant cell protection; vitamin enrichment (Vitamins A, E and B5). This cream is very special because it controls excess oil where it is present yet hydrates and moisturises where the skin lacks oil.

• CELL’ENERGIN®, Vitamins A, E and B5
 Nourishing Cream
Jar (250 ml)
See productThis cream, which is very rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin complexes, provides dry and lifeless skin with a real source of nutrition and reinforces natural defences to free radicals and prevents dehydration of the surface layers.

• Cell'Energin®, Mucopolysaccharides, Centella Asiatica Liposomes, A and E vitamins
Jar (250 ml)
See productWith AHA + DNA. The main activity of AHA is exfoliation of the skin. On the surface, exfoliation removes scars and refreshes the appearance to give a clear, brightness. Excess pigmentation is reduced offering a lighter complexion. Within the skin, glycolic acid gives a deeper action which regulates and increases cell growth and leads to a stronger, firmer skin. Glycation, the hardening of the inside of the skin which occurs in maturity, is reduced with regular use of Renewing cream to give an older skin a much more supple, youth appearance.

 Hydro Sensitive Cream
Jar (250 ml)
See productA skincare treatment with a high concentration of soothing and moisturizing factors which help to reduce the reactivity of the skin while providing it with essential, highly effective moisturizing and protective substances.

• Cell'Energin®, Bisabolol, Sodium hyaluronate, A and E vitamins
 Facial Massage Cream
Jar (250 ml)
See productA moisturizing and soothing cream that nourishes the skin, leaving it firm and supple. The right balance of oily ingredients prevents too fast penetration making it perfect for a successful massage.

• Sodium Hyaluronate, Collagen, Allantoin, Mallow Extract, Calendula
 Bio Cream
Jar (30 ml)
See productThe Bio Cream has an antiseptic and regulating action on the activity of the sebaceous glands. Applied directly on problem areas, it will purify the skin and give it a smoother and fresher appearance.

• Zinc Oxid, Salicyclic Acid, Titane Oxid, Sulphur.
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